What is Wordpress

What is WordPress? Know all about WordPress website builder From Scratch..

WordPress is the simplest way to create your website. May it be Business websites eCommerce stores, Blogs, Portfolios, Resumes, Forums, Social networks, Membership sites, or just about everything. WordPress covered everything for you.

What Is WordPress
What Is WordPress

Why should we use WordPress?

Below mentioned top 5 reasons will satisfactorily answer your questions.

  1. Free & open source: WordPress is totally free(provided you have your domain and hosting) for you to use.  it’s an open-source application that is installed onto your hosting, and that’s it. Not just that, WordPress also has many free plugins & theme that helps you achieve your website goals. May it’s  UI templates, SEO, appointment booking, online courses, product selling, etc.
  2. Device friendly: WordPress helps you create your website mobile friendly. Mobile friendly website means, a site that optimizes/adopts the device resolution to seem good on any screen. Change of device won’t affect the neatness of the website.
  3. Easy to take care of  & update: making changes or updating the WordPress website doesn’t need technical knowledge. One can even access the backend and make changes using a  mobile phone or tab.
  4. Easy to optimize (SEO): Changing title, description, and URL are straightforward on a WordPress website Builder. Not just  this stuff  but, WordPress plugins also help us do these changes and help us optimize for the  program
  5. NO have to code: WordPress is code free, yes you heard it right.  To create a  WordPress website, you don’t have to have knowledge of any computer languages. WordPress has it all for you.

Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress is employed by website designers, freelancers, big businesses,  and everybody! On an immediate note, we use WordPress!  And also the very site that you’re looking at right now is powered by WordPress.  Plenty of other well-known entities use WordPress as well.


I have been building websites for years now.  and  I haven’t faced any issues/limitations with the WordPress website.  it’s done wonders to all my websites. A few of them are added below. Check them out.

To conclude, just a press release. WordPress is the future for websites, so adopt it as soon as possible.
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